• Jan 16, 2011

    Added Commercial Green Products to Kessler and Company’s site. Very cool products to reduce energy costs for businesses.

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BlackBox Software, Inc.
Rochester Hills, MI 48309
Email: jerryhoerig@blackboxsoft.com

Phone: (248) 840-3245
Fax: (248) 853-6177

PostHeaderIcon Welcome to BlackBox Software

“The hard part of IT development is figuring out what the client needs.”

BlackBox Software was founded on the principles of honesty and integrity. We don't believe in selling a customer more than what they need. The philosophy of BlackBox Software has always been to work with the customer to understand what issues and/or problems they are experiencing and then determine a solution that meets those needs. We have been crafting software since 1994 and that experience spans a wide array of markets and technologies. We have built large, entrerprise class systems, websites, and desktop programs for single users. Web development is our specialty and the mobile market is one we are moving into as the iOS and Android markets power more and more of our devices and businesses.

The answer may not always be software and, even if it is, BlackBox Software may not be the right company to provide that solution. We are more than happy to look at a situation and will be glad to help find the correct fit for addressing your needs, whether we provide it or not.

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We support our clients with excellent products, advice and follow through. We are available for our clients when they experience problems and we work hard to get them fixed so they can get on with their business.

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We use whatever software and hardware technologies are appropriate for the problem at hand. Not every programming language fits every need and not every need requires expensive solutions. We will help you build a solution that fits your challange and your budget.

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Our strategy is simple. We give our clients great service. We don't upsell, we don't preach, we don't hide costs. We work with our clients to design and build the software they want and need and we make sure they are happy with the results.

PostHeaderIcon Who uses our products and services?

We have many customers with whom we have had great relationships over the years and we continue those relationships to this day. Companies as diverse as Grocery chains to Online Retailers, Fortune 500s to Mom and Pops - we have successfully helped them all.